Disability income insurance

"I hired Kim to provide advice for disability and life insurance. As a physician, I felt I had special circumstances and details that required expert opinion and guidance. Kim gave me both quality and timely advice. What's more, with his network of contacts in Greensboro, he was able to recommend other advisors to handle the questions and to provide the services I required which were beyond his scope of practice (legal, financial, etc.). Kim is the kind of insurance specialist that gives the industry a good name. I would recommend him to physicians, friends and family. He has become a very useful member of my professional team of advisors."

Joseph Pye, MD
Medical Director of Informatics, Vidant Health

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Protect against the unexpected with Disability Income Insurance.

With occupation-specific disability income insurance, your family is protected from financial hardship if you become ill or disabled. The policy will pay benefits if you are unable to continue in your chosen profession, even if you work in another profession.

Kim Ketchum has a unique understanding of professionals' needs, schedules and preferences. We will work with you to design a disability plan specifically tailored to your unique situation.

Insure your family's future. Contact Ketchum & Company for a free consultation.

Me? Disabled?

If you think you'll never experience disability, this link demonstrates how many working-age Americans are currently impacted.

What Could I Lose?

Click this link to discover how a disability would impact you financially.

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